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Latest Results:

The Nick Ashley was jointly won by Ed Green and Harley Jones.
The Charles Relle Trophy was won by Ed Green.
The Cambridge Open was won by Alan Harper.

Latest Announcements:

The Paul Thorpe will be held at 7:30pm in the Tower Room, Selwyn College, on Wednesday 22nd of April.

A CUTwC video is available.
The ETwA National Singles will be held on the weekend of the 25th an 26th of April, with Congress on the 25th in the Hopbine.
Please arrive at the Music room/Tim Cadbury room of Downing College, Cambridge at 10am for 10:30 on Saturday.
The Plate will likely be on Sunday.

Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club (CUTwC) is the world's most active tiddlywinks organisation, with a history stretching back sixty years. It provides a regular opportunity for members of educational establishments in Cambridge (UK) to play tiddlywinks tournaments in a range of formats.

The English Tiddlywinks Association (ETwA) is a national body responsible for managing nation-wide tiddlywinks tournaments, and is the first point of contact for anyone interested in tiddlywinks in the UK but not based in Cambridge. (ScotTwA is currently inactive.)

Interested parties in North America may wish to contact the North American Tiddlywinks Association (NATwA).

CUTwC usually meets at 7:30pm on Wednesdays in The Tower Room, Selwyn College. All members of the University and other educational establishments in Cambridge are welcome to attend.

Contact CUTwC.

Latest update:22/04/2015 Paul Thorpe announcement.